Classroom Information

The classrooms at Hutch Kids are divided into four teams: Infant, Waddler, Toddler, and Preschool. Each team has a Mentor Teacher, who is available to mentor and support teachers with curriculum development, classroom environments, and team building.  Additionally, the Assistant and Executive Directors support classroom teachers by:

  • Visiting classrooms
  • Providing curriculum consultation
  • Reviewing portfolios and assessments of individual children
  • Conducting formal and informal observations
  • Reviewing each teacher’s performance with annual appraisals

The Assistant and Executive Directors are also available to support parents. In this case, parents may seek advice or suggestions regarding a child’s behavior or general child development information.

Hutch Kids Child Care exceeds the Washington State Department of Early Learning requirements for staff to child ratio and group size and at many times of the day exceeds the ratios we have set as standard. At HKCC children are grouped according to their age and developmental abilities; however, because we follow a developmentally appropriate practice, the developmental abilities of a child can be more of a determining factor than age when making a classroom placement. Total classroom enrollment may vary slightly from year to year. Total enrollment and ratios are determined at transition time and communicated to families with transition information.

Hutch Kids provides our children with many enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom!

Infant classrooms

At Hutch Kids, your infant’s first experience in child care is marked by strong, positive attachments with their caregivers in a safe, engaging environment that nurtures the development of the whole child.

Exploration, language enrichment through books and singing, nature walks, outdoor play, Music and Spanish Enrichment classes, sensory play.

Age: 1-18 months
Group Size: 6
Ratio: 1:3

Waddler Classrooms

The transition from infancy to toddlerhood is full of excitement as children at Hutch Kids learn to exert their independence, gleaning new self-help skills and exploring their changing environment. Relationships with caregivers continue to be an integral part of the learning process as new social relationships form with their peers.

Circle time with songs, books, and felt stories, exploring materials, sensory and artistic endeavors, outdoor play and nature walks, Spanish and Music Enrichment Classes, large body movement activities and free-play.

Age: 10-18 months
Ratio: 1:4
Group Size: 8

Toddler 1 Classrooms

Toddlers, now firmly entrenched in their independence thrive in classrooms with teachers who help the children learn to engage with one another in play and build positive routines and expectations. Social-emotional skill building is a key focus in our toddler classrooms, helping children learn to express their needs and emotions through their growing language.

Circle time with songs, books, and felt stories, exploring materials, sensory and artistic endeavors, outdoor play and nature walks, Spanish and Music Enrichment Classes, large body movement activities and free-play.

Age: 12-24 months
Ratio: 1:4
Group Size: 8

Toddler 2 Classrooms

This transitional period between toddlerhood and preschool is celebrated with plenty of movement activities for the children’s growing bodies and engaging activities for their expanding minds! Toilet training and continued honing of social-emotional skill building account for a large part of the curriculum.

Outdoor play and nature walks, exploring center-based activities, sensory & art exploration, language, math, science, block and dramatic play, Creative Movement, Music, and Spanish Enrichment classes, Circle time with songs, movement, books, and group discussions.

Age: 24-36 months
Ratio: 1:6 or 1:7
Group Size: 12 to 14


Our preschoolers explore the world around them through ongoing investigations of interdisciplinary, interest-based topics. They form strong friendships that flourish with their exponentially growing social skills and cultivate a love of learning. Preschoolers at Hutch Kids learn to ask questions, problem-solve and think critically and creatively.

Our oldest pre-k students have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons and all preschoolers enjoy weekly Garden-To-Table, Spanish, and Creative Movement Enrichment classes. Morning meetings offer the children the opportunity to engage in discussions and questions about their investigations, while afternoon round-ups provide children with time to reflect on their experiences and learning. Center-based activities and free-play encourage the children to explore language, reading, writing, mathematics, science, building, and using their imaginations through dramatic play.

Young Pre-K Classrooms

Age: 2.5-3.5 years
Ratio: 1:8 or 1:9
Group Size: 16 or 18

Pre-K Classroom

Age: 4-5 years
Ratio: 1:9
Group Size: 18