Enrichment Programs

Due to Covid-19 our Swim enrichment program is currently on hold. We look forward to the safe return of this program at a later date.

Swimming Lessons

Once a week the children in our oldest preschool classrooms enjoy swimming lessons from SJCC Aquatics instructors at the Marriott Residence Inn, located across the street from Hutch Kids.

The children work with instructors in groups of five or less (instructor to child ratio ranges from 1:2 to 1:5) according to each child’s skill and comfort level. Our classroom teachers remain on deck, supervising the children and instructors at all times.

Garden to Table

Once a week the classrooms in our preschool program participate in Garden to Table enrichment classes with Teacher Judi.

  • During the Spring & Summer months the children focus on learning about plants in a hands-on learning environment, including planting, growing, and maintaining their own garden beds full of edibles.
  • In the Fall the children focus on harvesting their crops and learning about harvesting and family/local farming.
  • Winter is a time for putting all their edible plant knowledge to use in studying nutrition through healthy cooking projects!

Our Garden to Table classes teach our children healthy, happy living and a great respect for nature, wildlife, and their community.

A little more about Teacher Judi:

My name is Judi Neumann and I am very happy to be the Garden to Table Coordinator at Hutch Kids. I am a long time Elementary and Early Childhood Education teacher whose work spans over forty years and includes public, private, community college and international teaching. My experience includes having worked with homeschooling families, Headstart and the Seattle Preschool Program. I have been involved with the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy and in the Wald Kindergartens of Germany, Denmark, and England. I taught preschool and kindergarten in both Moscow and Munich within two large IB international schools. I am very familiar with NAEYC standards and expectations having been director/lead teacher of a small pre-primary on Bainbridge Island for twenty-seven years. My teaching and my professional development runs parallel to the expansion and realization of just how important and critical our work with young children is.

Like all teachers I have my favorite constructs as ways to activate best play-to-learn practice. Mine is music, language, art and science. I sing and play the autoharp. I have been a long-time storyteller and I love being messy and playing with all sorts of stuff. Early childhood teachers have always been STEAM. I have two grown sons. My oldest is an archeologist and my second is a radio journalist. I like watching their continued growth and relish in most of this, from the sidelines. I have a garden and most of it sits on a hill, but mostly I am a garden volunteer interested in helping other people and fascinated with things that grow; how to share and make it happen. By rooting around, asking questions and through observation children have a life learning lab giving them an understanding of impact and a chance to care for a bit of nature closest to them. With Garden to Table we have an opportunity to build intentional hands-on cultural and environment learning. I am very excited to be here!

Physical Education & Movement

Early Childhood PE with Nel-Nel

My name is Chanel (aka Nel-Nel) and twice a week I will lead 1 indoor physical education and 1 outdoor group games experience with the older toddler and preschool classes at Hutch Kids. The core foundations of Early Childhood PE are centered around progressing individual development, stimulating self confidence, nurturing friendships, connecting community, active support of one another, and collaboration with classroom teachers.

During PE experiences, preschoolers will engage in a variety of songs, games, relay races, obstacle courses, and individual and team challenges. Each PE experience is curated with the above activities to foster curiosity, courage, independence, resiliency, and of course, more fun than everyone may be able to handle :).


The Spanish Introduction Program at Hutch is a unique program developed especially to meet and enhance the vision and goals of Hutch Kids to immerse children and families in a rich multicultural/multilingual environment. The Spanish Program’s goals are to provide all children, teachers and parents at Hutch Kids the opportunity to learn and practice basic Spanish and Latin-American culture through the use of effective and fun strategies such as storytelling , singing, dancing, playing, performing, and more. Each classroom or small group of classrooms will participate in “Spanish Time” at least twice a week with the use of age appropriate activities. This will allow children and staff to learn basic vocabulary and cultural traditions with enough opportunity to practice and continue using what is learned throughout the week.