Board of Directors

Bruce Waltar, President

Since 2007, I’ve had two kids in Hutch Kids: one an “alum” and one currently in a preschool classroom. I am looking for a way to give back to Hutch Kids – my kids have really benefited from the positive environment, and I want to help ensure the next generation of kids does, too. I am a small business owner, and am eager to assist in whatever arena is helpful to the Board, having backgrounds in technology and project management

Lexi Harlow, Vice President

Our family has been a part of Hutch Kids since June 2012. Our daughter is a proud member of a preschool classroom and our son recently joined an infant classroom. We have always been so appreciative of the wonderful care and learning that is provided at Hutch Kids on a daily basis.
Professionally, I am a physical therapist who specializes in treating oncology patients, having graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2005. I have been at the SCCA since 2007 and currently manage the physical therapy department. My responsibilities include managing departmental operations and practicing alongside six other physical therapists and one administrative support staff member; administering an annual budget of over $1 million including working knowledge of insurance reimbursement; partnering on best oncology rehabilitation practice with medical providers and other supportive care staff at the SCCA; serving on various clinic committees (ex: Fall Prevention, Safe Patient Handling); and teaching oncology rehabilitation principles and topics to a variety of audiences (patients/families, other medical providers, and physical therapy students).
Outside of work, I enjoy yoga, walking outdoors, reading, listening to music, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. I look forward to another year of service on the Hutch Kids board, especially in regards to long-term financial sustainability and growth.

Jon Ladd, Treasurer

I have been very fortunate to have been a part of the Hutch Kids community since 2010. My older daughter graduated from HK in 2015, and my younger daughter is in a preschool classroom. During our time here, I have come to appreciate everything that the teachers and staff do to make Hutch Kids feel like a second home to my girls. I have been a member of the Parent Teacher Committee for the past three years, and have been chairing that committee for the past two years. Professionally, after receiving my PhD from the University of Washington, I started working at Fred Hutch as a postdoctoral fellow in 2008. I have been working there ever since. My research focuses on the discovery and validation of blood-based biomarkers for early cancer detection. When I’m not at work or working to support Hutch Kids, I enjoy spending my time playing games, bicycling and watching my girls grow up all too quickly.

Lauren Young, Secretary

We  have  been  a  Hutch  Kids  family  since  July  2016,  with  our preschooler and  toddler both  attending  HK.  My  husband  and  I  are  both  originally from  Australia  and  moved  to Seattle,  via a  7-year  stint  in  New  York,  in  February  2016. Being part of  the  Hutch  Kids community  has  meant  so  much  to us as  we  have  been finding our place  in  a  new  city.

The quality of care that our kids receive and the dedication of the teachers and staff has inspired me to become more involved in supporting HK in developing and continuing to be an excellent center for early childhood care and learning.

In  my  work  as  a  Data  Coordinator  at  Fred  Hutch,  and  my  previous  experience  as  a laboratory  scientist,  I  have  developed  excellent  organizational,  communication  and project  management  skills  which  I would  love  to  apply  on projects  with  the  HK  Board.

Outside  of  work,  our  family  loves  hiking  and  getting  outside  to  explore  the  gorgeous Northwest.

Andy Firpo

I’ve been a NW resident since 1990, and have been working in IT in the area since then. Throughout that time my focus has been on people, primarily on helping them get what they need from computer resources. I joined the Center in Feb 2012, and manage the IT Customer Services teams.
From 1994 through 2012 I served on the board of directors of a large not-for-profit child care center in the Crown Hill neighborhood. I played a variety of roles including board chair, board liaison to the SEIU District #925, and head of the technology committee. In 2006-2009, I was co-chair of the working group that raised $1.38M in combined private, city and state funding to purchase a surplus Seattle Schools elementary school building for a permanent home for the center. In the late 1990’s I was active in the Seattle/King County Worthy Wages Campaign. Currently, I am active with two other not-for-profit boards of directors.
I look forward to finding ways to use all of my experience to help Hutch Kids thrive.

Bob Karaban

I moved to Seattle in 2012 from Michigan and now work at a software company in Lower Queen Anne. I have one child currently at Hutch Kids, who started as an infant and another baby due in December 2016. As a new parent, I was very grateful for the teachers and how caring and supportive they were that first year while we adjusted to the new baby. During that first year, I realized how special Hutch Kids was when each day our daughter was excited when she arrived at daycare and was so attached to her teachers and the staff.

Seeing how important it has been to my daughter, I was excited at the opportunity to work with the organization and help ensure it continues to grow and succeeded in its mission, and to ensure that everyone’s children have a amazing experience at Hutch Kids.

Bill Kidder

We joined the Hutch Kids community in 2014 when our daughter entered an infant classroom as a non-Fred Hutch affiliated family. I asked staff many questions regarding my classroom and facility observations during those first weeks. The teachers quickly encouraged me to join the HK Parent Teacher Committee and get involved in the HK community. I joined without hesitation after watching how enthusiastically the teachers and staff work with the children and welcome parents in as members of a clan.

The smile we receive every day picking up our daughter from Hutch Kids is a reminder of how fortunate we are to have her enrolled at HK. I am proud to add my consulting business and program management skills to the HK board as we build the long range foundations for a thriving Hutch Kids organization and community.

Kate Ostbye

I am a Statistical Programming Manager at Fred Hutch and mom to a son who has been at HK since 2014. I bring to the Board an organizational and results-producing mindset, eager to contribute. I want to help support and manage the Hutch Kids organization, hoping that my effort here will contribute to at least one more family having a great child care experience like I have had.

Eddy Reif

My name is Eddy Reif, I am the father of two daughters, who have been attending Hutch Kids since they turned 1 year old. We are one of the lucky families that had no relation with the Hutch prior to their enrollment. Even luckier, when our original plans for childcare for our oldest daughter fell through, my wife called Hutch Kids and miraculously they were ready for her. Boy, we were happy with how the stars aligned that day! Since then, our family’s involvement with Hutch Kids has grown – my wife also teaches Spanish to the children there.

Originally, we are from Venezuela and have lived in the US since 2004. I majored in production engineering and worked for P&G, a newspaper and a consulting firm before I got my MBA in ’06 from UC Berkeley. I was hired by Amazon soon after graduate school and continue to work there on the business side of technology. My job can be summarized by helping engineers build technology that works and impresses users. We have adapted to the Northwest and enjoy doing many things outdoors including camping, hiking and snowboarding. I also love watching a Seahawks and a Sounders game although I don’t have time to go to the stadium anymore.

Lisa Ta

We are grateful to have been a Hutch Kids family since July 2016. My son, who is 2 years old is currently in one of the toddler classrooms.

I am a Leave Specialist at Fred Hutch for the last 4 years. In my free time, I love to spending it with my son and husband exploring the greater Seattle area, cooking a variety of food and baking some delicious treats.

We cannot say enough great things about Hutch Kids, the best part is that everyone knows our names and is always so welcoming and warm. I want to give back to an amazing organization by providing my time on the board and contributing my HR expertise/skills as we continue to help Hutch Kids succeed.

Mary Minoo

In 2016 I joined Fred Hutch as the IT PMO Director. As a working mom, I am a big advocate of high quality child care that enables parents to achieve their professional and child care goals. Serving on the Hutch Kids board is an amazing opportunity to contribute my operational skill set to an organization whose mission I believe in and care about – providing high quality childcare for alliance families and the surrounding SLU community.