Information for Families

Transition 2021

This year, the last day in current classrooms will be Friday, June 25th. Hutch Kids will be closed Monday, June 28 – Friday, July 2 to transition the classrooms for the new school year. We are closed Monday, July 5 for Independence Day. The first day in new classrooms will be Tuesday, July 6th.

General Transition Information

Transitions dates for each child and/or classroom group may vary from year to year. There is typically a center-wide transition that occurs in July. Parents are notified about transitions as far in advance as possible, often as much as six months. Each year transitions are tailored to meet the needs of the children enrolled, as well as current staff. Thorough communication about transitions is distributed to parents.

Parents receive notification of their child’s placement a minimum of one month prior to the physical transition of classrooms. Notification will include the teacher’s names, the classroom name, and the names of the child’s classmates.

Since the age ranges of children enrolled in each classroom vary from year to year we do not refer to classrooms by the age of the children; instead, we use the following classroom names:

  • Tree Frogs, Ducklings, & Sea Turtles (Infants)
  • Dolphines & Sea Otters (Waddlers)
  • Starfish & Sea Horses (Toddlers)
  • Wildflowers & Sunshine Kids (Toddlers/Preschool)
  • Moons & Stars (Preschool)
  • Trailblazers (Preschool)
  • Rainforest Kids (Preschool)

Inclement Weather

It is the policy of Hutch Kids Child Care to close during severe weather conditions on days when Fred Hutch is closed, and to remain open on days when Fred Hutch is open to all staff. In some cases, HK will open one to two hours late on days when Fred Hutch is open, or close if Fred Hutch is not open to non-essential employees.

Hutch Kids will send an email alert to families when inclement weather impacts HK operating hours. Parents can also call Fred Hutch’s emergency hotline at 888-667-2020.


Tuition for child care is paid on a monthly basis and will be prorated if the child begins child care in the middle of a month. Parents, who are Fred Hutch employees, will have their child care fees deducted from their paycheck, unless alternative arrangements are made with the Executive Director.

Tuition is based on the child’s age, classroom assignment. and child to teacher ratio. Typically tuition rates change July 1.  Tuition rates are updated from the Enrollment page.

Parents who do not receive a paycheck from Fred Hutch, receive an invoice for child care tuition. Fees are due on the last day of every month for the coming month. Late fees are assessed if payment has not been received by 5:00 PM on the fifth day of the month. Currently the late fee is $10.00. Should tuition not be paid by 5:00 PM on the tenth day, an additional $15 will be added. Hutch Kids Child Care reserves the right to deny care for late payment of tuition.

Monthly tuition rates are set each year by the HKCC Board of Directors at the February Board meeting and are shared with families in March. Changes in rate structure, age groups, multiple child discounts, etc. are decisions of the HKCC Board of Directors.